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TrustPipe was founded in 2011 by Kanen Flowers and Ridgely Evers, a pair who have worked together across 20 years and four companies. Our breakthrough technology was conceived out of frustration and motivated by the desire to finally make the Internet a safe place. We're very pleased to be able to offer true network security to businesses and governments around the globe.

But any good CISO does their due diligence - we would expect no less. Here you'll find our fact sheet, press coverage and latest news.

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Startup promises to catch 100% of network attacks with unique detection technology

TrustPipe's first version is built just for millions of unprotected Windows XP; other Widows OSes, Linux and Macs

By Tim Greene | 2014-12-02

Startup TrustPipe is announcing a security platform that categorizes network-based attacks and blocks them. The company claims that in two years of testing the software has never let attackers compromise the systems it has been protecting.

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Technology Marketing Corporation

TrustPipe Unveils Marker-based Security Technology

Putting down a marker, a new approach to prevent device hacking

By Peter Bernstein | 2014-12-02

It may be the holiday season, but it is clear that while we all desire to conduct more and more of our transactions online there is significant doubt about the security of those transactions. This ranges from the devices we use for those transactions to the potential theft of our personal information by the vendors we rely on. In fact, making those devices “hack proof” is a major step in restoring trust to skeptical shoppers. However, defenses need to be shored up across the entire transactional value chain.

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Computerworld Portugal

Startup detecta todos os ataques a redes

A primeira versão do software de segurança TrustPipe dirige-se aos utlizadores do Windows XP.

By Peter Bernstein | 2014-12-01

A startup TrustPipe está a anunciar uma plataforma de segurança que categoriza os ataques às redes e bloqueia-os. A empresa alega que, em dois anos de testes do software, nunca deixou atacantes comprometer os sistemas protegidos.

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TrustPipe Launches Marker-Based Security Technology for Threats

TrustPipe discovered that there are distinctive markers, similar to markers in DNA, that are designed to identify whole classes of threats

By Nathan Eddy | 2014-12-01

Trust Pipe discovered that there are distinctive markers, similar to the markers in DNA,that are designed to identify whole classes of threats. It detects and blocks all variants, past and future, of each threat class, so it can tell when something unknown enters a system and makes sure it is quarantined before it can cause any damage.

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