A good day for a CISO is when nothing happens.

We make nothing happen.

Your job is to keep your organization's property, intelligence and end users safe.

Hardening your endpoints without disrupting their ability to do business is critical to your success, but that simply hasn't been possible. Until now.

Traditional security models are flawed.

Humans have spent thousands of years improving the security of our physical world. Unfortunately, these analog models - signatures and heuristics - haven't worked in the digital world.

Time for a new approach.

We found that much like DNA in the natural environment, digital data sets contain 'markers' that can be used to identify every member of the set, past and future. This means that it's now possible to know what 'good data' and 'bad data' look like, from a purely digital perspective.

We discovered a Digital Taxonomy.

We fed terabytes of full, bi-directional network traffic - both good and malicious - through our patented Data Distiller. The result was a purely digital taxonomy containing fewer than 6,000 'species' of malicious traffic, collectively described with less than 1.5 megabytes of authoritative digital Markers.

These Markers identify every member of each digital species - even as hackers evolve them - which means they can't be evaded.

It's true endpoint protection.

Distilling and identifying the digital species and their distinctive markers was the major breakthrough, and makes runtime straightforward. TrustPipe scans network traffic for markers, blocking attack vectors at the speed of the environment before a breach occurs.

A platform built on patents.

Our core PATENT (US # 8,347,391), which covers the Digital Distillation process, establishes an entirely new area of data comprehension. Our other patents are similarly innovative. Together, they form the fundamental platform upon which TrustPipe is built. Some of our patents include:

Data Distillation & Detection

US PATENT 8,347,391

Self-Managing Client Grid


Perspective-Based Reaction

US PATENT 9,021,574

Port Availability Detection


Detection of Compromised System

US PATENT 8,856,324

We're a group of Silicon Valley veterans committed to making the Internet safe.

Ridgely Evers

Founder & CEO


nCircle Network Security

Creator of QuickBooks

6x startup CEO

Kanen Flowers

Founder & CTO


nCircle Network Security

Microsoft (early)

NetSec since 1990

Doug Valente



Valve Software

nCircle Network Security

Exactly Vertical

"TrustPipe performs at the highest level we have ever observed in our 15-year history.

"We have been unable to hack into any device protected by it, and have seen no false positives or false negatives."

-Westcoast Labs

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